Express Yourself With Custom Cabinetry and Millwork

When it comes to home building and renovation trends, everything old is new again. Homeowners are shunning the cookie cutter cabinets and millwork from big box stores and showrooms in favor of custom cabinetry and millwork. Let’s take a look at how custom cabinetry and millwork can add value and beauty to your home, even on a budget!


Express Yourself

One of the biggest draws of custom cabinetry and millwork is the ability to express your unique sense of style and personality. Your home should reflect YOU, not a designer in a factory thousands of miles away. With custom cabinets and millwork, YOU get to decide everything from the design to the materials used on your project. You just can’t get that from a mass produced product in a big box store.


It’s All in the Details

Taking your dream home from drawing board to reality requires attention to detail. The little details are what will set your home apart and give your family years of enjoyment. With custom pieces, not only do you pick a unique design, but you are able to tailor your cabinets and millwork to maximize space and efficiency.  Instead of choosing one design, our clients are able to take elements from several different elements and choose their own hardware to create pieces that are unique to your living space.


Craftsmanship and Experience

There’s something to be said for walking into an old house and seeing custom built pieces that have stood the test of decades of use and maintained value and beauty. Old world craftsmanship was once standard in the housing industry, cabinets, and builtins were created by craftsmen, not assembly lines. Our craftsmen bring 25 years of home building experience to the table. Experience has taught us what materials work in which environments and for what purposes. We are able to artfully combine old world quality with modern style to create pieces that will be a part of your family’s memories for years to come. You are a part of the process, from drawing board to finished product, client satisfaction is our number one priority.


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